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Good blogging guidelines

Welcome to the Pluggingin community!

We would like the community to be a positive and friendly place where you, our customers, can feel free to share opinions and interact in a constructive and effective way. These user guidelines are designed to help you understand what is expected of you when you interact in the community.

Be ‘family friendly’

The community is a family friendly environment. When you make your comments always try to use language that would be appropriate to use in front of any children. Any offensive or abusive language posted will be removed by the community moderator, Explain Market Research.

Be civil

Please avoid writing anything likely to cause offence to another member. We encourage healthy debate but also expect our members to show consideration and respect to the beliefs and opinions of others.

Please try not to react or respond to deliberately inflammatory messages. If you feel it necessary you can report the post to a moderator using the message form on the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site. If you see any content you feel should not be on the community, please contact the community moderators.

Plain English

Please use Standard English and try to avoid the use of slang or text speech to ensure other members always understand your comments. 

There is currently no provision for translation to other languages.

Be careful

The views posted on the site are those of individual users and not representative of Electricity North West’s views. The accuracy of information posted by members cannot be guaranteed.

Posting guidelines

Post in the right area

Posting in the right areas of the community will make it easier for others to respond to your comments. If you’d like to respond to particular discussion or comment, select ‘reply’. This will ensure the original poster and other members receive a notification about your reply.

‘Categories’ are set by us and are important areas where we are looking for your feedback. Topics will change on a regular basis so you can keep checking back and give your views in a number of different areas.

‘Discussions’ are found within categories and are where you can discuss what’s most important to you with other members of the community.

When posting a comment please be aware the community is not to be used to report any issues to us such as:

  • Electricity safety concerns
  • Complaints about recent service experiences
  • Supply interruptions & issues
  • General enquiries

Any issues about the above, please find the appropriate contact information on the Electricity North West website: https://www.enwl.co.uk/advice-and-services/

Posting your comment

We strongly encourage you to be open and honest in your comments. We want you to share your honest opinions, whether they are positive or areas where we need to improve. Try to follow up your discussion threads and comments where appropriate and engage with other members who respond to you.

Content standards 

Any posts or links containing inappropriate, profane, defamatory or illegal material, or anything that would constitute a violation of the User Guidelines or Terms and Conditions will be deleted.

NEVER post any content that is harmful to others, including but not limited to:

  • Sexually explicit, racist, threatening, rude, or abusive comments.
  • Pornographic language, material, or images.
  • Comments encouraging illegal activity or violence.
  • Comments about religion or politics.
  • Derogatory or threatening personal comments.
  • Anything likely to identify an individual (personal data).
  • Any links to a blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or similar online footprint.
  • Spam (see below).
  • Links to images that may cause offence.

Members can flag anything inappropriate to the moderator using the message form on the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site.

Protecting your privacy

We recommend that you refrain from posting anything that would be likely to identify you or another user as an individual, including your full name, addresses, home or mobile phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, copies of private emails or messages and any personal images of yourself.

We advise against posting links to your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or similar online footprint.

In the interests of protecting your privacy all members have usernames. You are free to choose whatever you like. When choosing your username remember that all other members in the community will see this when you post comments, unless you choose to post anonymously.

To access our Privacy Policy please refer to our website here: https://www.enwl.co.uk/misc/privacy-policy/

No commercial activity or advertising

The community may not be used for your commercial activity. Promoting, commenting on or linking to any commercial activity is not allowed.

Posted comments or links to products, services, commercial marketing, advertising or other such sites including gambling, trading and bidding websites (e.g. EBay) will be immediately removed.

Be a legitimate user

We expect you to be a legitimate user and ask you to not:  

  • Use an alias or create more than one account.
  • Use proxy servers (e.g. layeredtech, ev1servers and others).
  • Allow others to use your account.
  • Use another person’s account

No spam

If you post the same message multiple times across the community, they’ll be removed by the moderators. Please post your message in the most appropriate section of the community for your topic.

Posting any spam such as advertisements, promotions, junk mail, chain letters, or any other commercial solicitation is not allowed on the community.

How is the community moderated?

We may ask employees or others (including Explain Market Research) to act as moderators and administrators for the community.

The community is moderated to ensure that your experience of using the site is positive and that messages posted meet our content standards. All comments will be regularly reviewed and any that don’t meet our content standards and guidelines will be removed.

We have the final say on any moderation decision including the right to delete any post for any reason. An explanation of any moderator action is provided voluntarily and may be withheld in certain circumstances.

You have no right to appeal against moderator decisions or actions.

The community is not intended as a way for members to get answers from us on any issue and is not a substitute for contacting us directly. Contact numbers can be found on the Electricity North West website: https://www.enwl.co.uk/advice-and-services/

If you have a specific query about the community and cannot find the answer within these guidelines or the FAQs you can contact the moderator using the form provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the site.

Please also see our Terms and Conditions of use and note that our Privacy Policy is accessible on our website; https://www.enwl.co.uk/misc/privacy-policy/